Saturday, 24 April 2010

Recycled Card

It was a 'challenge' - to make a card (minus the main card) from materials which you would not normally associate with card making .. Ummm .. What could I use ? ..

Later, when choosing a yoghurt for my supper, I carefully peeled off the top and thought "ah ha" ..

I washed the lid, then smoothed it out with my finger tip .. I didn't have to smooth it, it was fairly flat to start with, but, by smoothing it thinned it a little, and I liked the surface better ..

This done, I then took a flower punch, and a leaf punch, and punched some shapes .. And cut some thin strips of card for the stems (from my bit box) ..

They were all then coloured, using Permanent Marker Pens - mine are Pro-Markers ..

When the ink was dry, I assembled the card .. The leaves & flowers were attached using foam-backed pads - 1mm for the leaves, 2mm for the flowers - & the stems with a tiny blob of pva glue ..

Next, I worked the text in Photoshop - Printed - cut it out & attached to card ..

Hope you like it ..

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